About Longlife Stainless Steel Exhausts

Longlife is made up of stainless steel exhaust specialists with over thirty years of experience in delivering high quality exhausts for every kind of vehicle.

Established in the U.K. and Ireland over 10 years ago, Longlife is the UK’s first choice for customers who want a premium quality custom built stainless steel exhaust.  We have a network of approved dealers spanning almost the entire length of the country so your nearest centre should never be more than a short drive away.

Over many years our dedicated experts have been designing, building and selling custom-built exhausts that are guaranteed to endure. We use only the best quality 304/430 Grade Stainless Steel for our exhausts and are now the first port of call for thousands of car lovers all over the country.

Every Longlife exhaust is custom built on the vehicle to ensure a perfect fit and to meet your needs as an individual so whether your vehicle is a recent model, classic, import, 4×4, kit car, competition car or people carrier, we can build a stainless steel standard or performance replacement exhaust for it while you wait.

Our huge range of tailpipes, silencers and other exhaust components – gives us complete flexibility in the build process and enables us to produce everything from a standard sounding quiet exhaust right up to a full sports note, depending on the customer’s needs and tastes.

All components and workmanship are fully covered by our industry leading lifetime warranty.

For more information, visit www.longlife.co.uk